Soccer Betting Guide for Americans

Soccer is one of the most popular watched and bet on sports in the world, however for some reason or another it is not as popular with American sports fans and bettors. If you’re an American looking for a new sport to take an interest in continue reading this article titled “learn soccer betting”. Here we’ll cover some reasons why you should learn Soccer betting, then we’ll take a look at different factors you can use to determine which team to bet on.

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Why Learn Soccer Betting

One of the main reasons to learn betting on any new sport is the options it opens up for you. If you want to be able to place bets all year round and find more opportunities to grab some value then the more sports you can bet on the better. Soccer is a massive sport; there are literally hundreds of leagues all around the world and over 15 different major leagues you can bet on. If it’s action you’re looking for then getting into soccer betting will be right up your street.

Soccer is even starting to take off in American and with the world cup just around the corner there’s never been a better time to learn Soccer betting.

Soccer Betting Considerations

There are five main things you need to consider if you’re planning to make a bet on a soccer match. Let’s take a look at them and why they are so important to determining who you are going to bet on.

Injuries – Injuries are one of the single most important deciding factors when it comes to soccer betting. You’d be amazed at how just one player being unfit for the game can affect its outcome. Certain players have a massive affect on team morale and when they’re missing the team simply doesn’t perform. This is most prominent in matches between big teams who both need a win. Around the end of any footballing season or major tournament injuries play a massive role in the outcome of matches. Make sure you are fully aware of who’s fit and who’s not fit before you place your bets.

Form – All sports bettors rely somewhat on form when it comes to selecting their bets. It’s not uncommon to find mid table teams hitting form and rampaging through 5 or 6 wins in a row. If you can find and identify these teams then you can make a killing. Sometimes form can be a little deceptive when it comes to Soccer betting. If a team has a really big match coming up they will more than likely rest players in the build up to the bigger game to make sure they are 100% fit and don’t get injured. This can affect form guides so make sure you don’t just look at the outcome of results but the previous fixtures as well.

Fixtures – There are certain points in any season when fixtures become very important to deciding who to bet on. Towards the end of the season when the Champions League and Europa League are coming to a conclusion teams fighting it out trying to win European trophies will often rest players for league matches. The same goes for domestic trophies like the League or FA Cup. Make sure you are fully aware of any team’s fixtures before backing them only to find they’ve rested half their squad in preparation for a bigger game.

Head To Head Record – Head to head records are always important when it comes to soccer betting. You’ll be amazed to see how certain teams just crush other teams on a regular basis. We aren’t talking just over the course of a season here either some teams have awesome head to head records which have lasted 10 or more years. When you look at head to head records make sure you only look at the record which corresponds with the game you’re betting on. If you’re betting on Manchester United versus Chelsea then look at the head to heads from Old Trafford and not all head to heads. If Manchester United were away you’d look at the records from Stanford Bridge and so on.

Home and Away Team Record – Some teams are just so much better playing at home than they are playing away. You need to make sure you are aware of this when Soccer betting. Historically the vast majority of teams have a much better record when they are playing at home in front of their home crowd. This isn’t always the case and if you can find games involving two teams one of which has a poor home record and the other which has a good away record then you’re onto a winner.

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