English Premier League Betting Tips

The English Premier League is widely considered to the best, most competitive and most popular soccer league in the world. It’s definitely one of the most-wagered on leagues as the 20 teams provide exciting action all season long from august until May. Each team plays 38 games, so there’s a total of 380 of them to wager on during the season. The league premiered in 1992-93 after the top tier of English soccer was reformatted.

This is our guide for your Premier League betting

There are many types of wagers that you can make on the English Premier League. These can be placed on the league as a whole, such as betting on what team will win the league, or where they will place in the standings, or who will be relegated etc.

Below we are listing the best bookmakers on where to bet on Premier League as well as detailed info about the most common bets and odds.

All of the above sportsbooks will offer loads of odds, promotions and also in-play betting for Premier League matches. Live betting is the most exciting way to bet on football nowadays.

You can also bet on the individual games. Some of the most popular wagers include betting on which player will score the first goal, the time of a goal, the half time score and the fulltime score. You can also bet on things such as the margin of victory, how many red or yellow cards will be produced, if there will be a penalty, and many other aspects of the game when betting on Premier League.

Betting on which player will score first is probably the most popular type of bet. All players involved in the game from both sides will be listed and odds will be given on them. For example, a player who rarely scores, such as a defender, may be listed with odds of 25-1 to score first, while the team’s top goal scorer may have odds of just 4-1. When making this type of bet it’s a good idea to check the lineups to make sure the player you want to bet on is in the lineup. There’s no point betting on somebody at 50-1 if they’re not even dressed.

Handicap betting is also popular in the English Premier League. For example, Manchester United may be listed at -0.5 against Arsenal who’s listed at +0.5. This means Manchester is favoured with Arsenal being the underdog. The handicap is listed at 0.5. Therefore, when the game’s over, a deduction of 0.5 points will be made from the favoured team’s score if you bet on them or 0.5 points will be added to the score of the underdog if you wagered on them. This type of betting is pretty popular with Americans and European generally prefer the Asian handicap style.

In Asian handicap Premier League betting, it means the game can end in a win for Manchester, a win for Arsenal or a draw. For example, the odds on Manchester winning may be 1/3 and the odds for Arsenal are 5/1 and the odds for a draw set at 2/5. This means you would win $1 for every $3 bet on Manchester. You’d win $5 for every $1 bet on Arsenal and $2 for every $5 bet on the draw.

Some of the most popular sports books to bet with for English Premier League games are Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Bet365. Check out our section for mobile betting if you want to bet on the games while at the stadium for example.

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