Sports Pool Betting

Pool betting has always attracted players for almost all leagues in the local betting shops, and even online it’s possible to take part in football betting pools to win huge prizes. Basically, all players pays a fixed fee depending on the system and how much you want to bet, and the prizes are being divided among the top bettors (after a small fee has been taken by the house/betting company). There are no odds for the matches, your prize will depend on your number of correct matches, number of players in the pool and of course also their results.

Below we’ll introduce Ladbrokes Pool Betting system where you can win up to £3 million.

Ladbrokes is one of the top sports books in the world for a good reason. It offers a wide variety sports and events to wager on and consistently comes up with interesting new promotions. Its latest one has to do with the world of soccer where it’s possible for players to win a top prize of £3,000,000.

There are four separate ways to bet and win in this exciting new promotion from Ladbrokes’ pool betting service.

The first one is known as Classic Pools. In this contest all you need to do is choose eight games that you predict will see quite a few goals and end in a draw with a score of 2-2 or higher. This is known as the Lucky Dip feature and you could win the £3,000,000 top prize if you can pick out eight high-scoring draws from a list of British games.

The second contest is known as Premier 10. In this one, you have to guess the outcome of each of the 10 games in the English Premier League. However, you don’t have to predict any final scores; all you need to do is pick how the game will finish. For instance, you have to choose between a home win, a draw, or an away win. For example if Manchester United is at home to Liverpool, you can choose Manchester United as a home win, Liverpool as an away win, or a draw. Read more about betting on Premier League.

Another contest is called Super 6. To win this one you need to guess the outcome for each of six games in the English Championship League. This is similar to the Premier 10 as you have to pick either a home win, an away win, or a draw. The only difference is that you only have to do it for six games instead of all 10.

The last contest is one known as Head 2 Head. Here you will have to guess which team will score more goals, have more shots on target and be awarded more corners during the first half of a selected game and then predict the same again for the second half of the match.

Ladbrokes is licensed in the UK and Gibraltar has been offering online wagering since 2000. The company has about 2,600 total outlets in the UK, Belgium, Ireland, and Spain and is known as the biggest fixed-odds betting firm in the world. The roots of Ladbrokes can be traced back to 1886.

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