Italian Serie A Betting Tips

The Italian Serie A soccer league attracts many bettors on a weekly basis due to its enormous popularity. The 20-team league features some of the world’s most famous and popular teams such as Inter Milan, Juventus, and AC Milan. The current format of Serie A was launched back in 1929, but the first ball was kicked in the Italian league years earlier in 1898. All 380 league games are meaningful as the bottom three teams are relegated to Serie B, the second division, after each season concludes. The Serie A championship is called the scudetto and Juventus has captured a league record 27 championships times, followed by Inter Milan at 18 and AC Milan with 17.

Our guide for your Italian Serie A betting

There are various interesting wagers that can be made on Serie A. You can place bets on individual Italian football games, by choosing things such as the final score, the half-time score, the margin of victory, total goals in a game, the time of a goal, and which players will score a goal, etc. Betting on teams can also be done as you can wager on who will win the league, who will be relegated, and what position a team will end up in etc. Some sports books also offer bet bundles, where they give odds on several teams winning their games. There are dozens of different wagers to make on Serie A games. Don’t forget live betting as it’s becoming the most popular way of betting on Italian football.

Below we are listing the best bookmakers on where to bet on Serie A as well as detailed info about the most common bets and odds.

It could also be a good idea to try Betfair which is the best online betting exchange out there, as you’ll find better odds on most events. Click the link to read more how it works.

Betting on a player to score during a game is one of the most popular bets. The players from both squads will be listed and you can view the odds and choose somebody you feel will score during that specific match. Players who rarely score will offer the largest odds, such as 30-1, while the team’s top scorers are going to pay less with odds of about 2-1 for example. When you bet on a scorer during a game, it’s wise to make sure the players you wager on are in the lineup.

Handicap betting is also popular in Serie A. For example, Inter Milan could be listed at -0.5 against Juventus, who’s listed at +0.5. This means Inter is favoured with Juventus being the underdog. The handicap is listed at 0.5. Therefore, when the game’s over, a deduction of 0.5 points will be made from the favoured team’s score if you bet on them or 0.5 points will be added to the score of the underdog if you wagered on them. This type of betting is pretty popular with Americans while most European bettors typically prefer the Asian handicap style.

In Asian handicap betting, it means the game can end in a win for Inter Milan, a win for Juventus, or a draw. For instance, the odds on Inter to win may be 1/4, the odds for Juventus are 6/1 and the odds for a draw set at 3/7. This means you would win $1 for every $4 bet on Inter. You’d win $6 for every $1 bet on Juventus and $3 for every $7 bet on a draw.

Some of the most popular sports books to wager with for Italian Serie A soccer matches are Ladbrokes, Bet365, and William Hill.

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