In Play Live Betting on European Soccer

Live football betting is available at the vast majority of online sports books these days and is growing more and more popular among punters gambling on football matches. Live football betting gives bettors the chance to bet on the match while the game is in progress. The odds fluctuate depending on what happens during the game. If the favourite team scores first then you’ll see their odds fall dramatically, if there’s a surprise goal from the underdogs first you’ll see the favourites drift out to a longer price. Every time there is a significant incident in the match the odds will alter to reflect this.

As a football bettor there are many ways to take advantage of live football betting, also known as in play betting. If you are using a betting exchange like Betfair then you can lay your bet off for a guaranteed profit if the match is going your way. For example if you backed Team A and Team A is up 2-0 at half time their odds will now have shortened massively. You can now lay Team A at the shorter odds which make sure you don’t lose anything if Team B mounts a comeback. If you do this you will have to sacrifice a little profit every time Team A does win but it guarantees you a no lose situation.

Live Football Betting Sites

Betfair is without doubt the best place for live football betting on the web. At the moment they don’t accept customers from the USA but if you live outside the US then betting at Betfair is a no brainer. Betfair is not like a traditional bookmaker, they are a betting exchange. This means they arrange bets between different punters and not take the bets themselves. As a result of the way Betfair works you can back or lay any outcome you want meaning you can act as the bookmaker yourself. Betfair opens up so many more possibilities for live football betting, if you don’t have a Betfair account already then it’s more than time you did!

If you are living in the US then your options for live football betting or Soccer betting if you prefer are limited a little bit. We recommend Bodog to anyone who wants to bet on football while the games are taking place and live in the US. They have a comprehensive live betting section which covers the vast majority of football matches both in and outside the USA. Live betting is a must for any football fan, often you can tell when watching a game that one team is well on top and likely to get a goal quickly. We’ve found the odds at Bodog a little slow to react to in game incidents, which makes it even easier to find value when live betting football online!

One of the things we do really like about the live football betting at Bodog is the fact that they show you loads of match stats while the game is running and these are constantly updated. They even have a match clock which is running in time with the game so you know exactly what time it is during the match.

Just so you know live betting is often referred to as in play betting so if you do see website advertising in play markets you’ll know that this means exactly the same thing as live betting does. We also should conclude this article giving a plug to which offers live streams of the game so you can not only bet live but also watch the game while in progress.

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