English FA Cup Betting Tips

The English FA Cup, which stands for Football association, is the oldest and most romantic soccer competitions in the world. It’s a knockout cup competition that’s operated by the Football Association. The competition is open to professional and amateur teams throughout the country. The first FA Cup took place in 1871–72 and it attracts many bettors because there can be some tremendous upsets when low-level teams take on some of the country’s soccer giants from the Premier League. 

FA Cup betting can provide very good odds and a lot of surprises which makes it very exciting.

When a lower team knocks out a top-level club it’s known as a giant-killing. However, while some small teams are well known as giant killers, they usually run out of steam before making it to the Cup Final, which is held every May. There are 14 total rounds in the tournament, six of them are qualifiers and the other six are “proper” rounds. If a game ends in a draw, then a replay is needed. If this game is also a tie, then there’s extra time and a penalty shootout if needed.

Here’s a guide for all of your FA Cup betting

Read further below to find the best online bookmakers to bet on the FA Cup as well as different betting types and odds for this tournament.

There are many different types of popular bets to place on FA Cup games. These can be wagered on specific games, players, and clubs. For example you can bet on which teams will win games and which team will win the Cup. You can make bets on which players will score in individual games, who will receive a yellow or red card, how many shots on target a team will have during a game, how many corners they’ll have, the first goal scorer and the time of goals, etc. You can also wager on the winner of a game, the loser or if you think it’ll end in a draw. In addition, you can bet on things such as the half-time score, the final score, the margin of victory, the total number of goals in a game, the and margin of victory, etc. Prepare for many upsets and surprises in FA cup betting where you can now even bet from the mobile on the games.

However, the most popular types of bets in FA Cup games are generally who will win a game and the score etc. This is because you can get very favourable odds when a non-league team meets a Premier League club. For example, if Manchester United takes on a non-league club such as Crawley, many people will bet on an upset by Crawley or the final score because the odds against them will be huge. You might find the odds for a Manchester win listed at 1/10 and the odds of a Crawley win at 50/1. This means you’d win $50 for every $1 bet on Crawley, but you’d only win $1 for every $10 bet on Manchester. You may also find the odds of Crawley winning the FA Cup at odds such as 2000/1.

Asian Handicap betting is also quite popular in the FA Cup. For instance, if Crawley is listed at +4 goals against Manchester, who’s listed at -4 goals; it means that Manchester has to win the match by five goals or more for the bet to pay off. Therefore a bet on Crawley will win as long as they don’t lose by more than three goals. If the favourite team wins by four goals or the underdog loses by four goals then the bet would be refunded.

Some of the most popular sports books to bet on FA Cup contests William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Bet365.

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