Champions League Betting Tips

UEFA Champions League is the most popular source of all football betting, second only to World Cup and Euro betting. With 32 football clubs and nine months of action there is plenty of betting opportunities in Champions League each year. In this guide we’ll give you some pointers to help you understand the types of bets available on 2010/2011 UEFA Champions League and provide some tips to make your betting season more profitable.

Below we list the best online bookmakers where to bet on Champions League and other European football matches.

There are many different ways to bet a Champions League match. For example scorer betting is an option to wager on which player you believe will score first in the game. This is the method that provides players the highest payouts and here you’ll find some good value bets with potential big payouts relative to the posted stake. A method many bettors use is to correlate their bets. For example if it is late in the season and you’re going to bet on a certain player to score first, you might also consider backing that team in the game (spread betting) and that team winning the championship as well. If you win your first bet you have better odds on winning all three.

The other popular way to bet Champions League is handicap betting. An example of a handicap bet would be Liverpool -0.5 vs. Lyon +0.5. This would mean Liverpool is the favourite and Lyon in the underdog. The handicap is 0.5 so at the end of the game, for betting purposes, 0.5 points would be deducted from the favourite’s score if you’ve bet the favourite, or 0.5 points added to the underdog’s score if you bet underdog. Handicap lines are quite popular with American bettors, but European bettors often prefer to go with an Asian handicap.

Asian handicap simply means there are three potential outcomes for the game. To look at an example on 20 October 2009 there was a match between Debrecen vs. Fiorentina. The posted odds were:

Debrecen 8.5
Fiorentina 1.35
Draw 4.5

As you can see, if you’re familiar with how betting odds work, Fiorentina was a big favorite in this match up. If you bet on them for every €1 staked on Fiorentina you’d receive €1.35 return if they won. On the other hand both Debrecen and the match ending in a draw were huge dogs so each €1 stacked would return €8.5 on Debrecen and €4.5 on the draw.

If you’re new to betting Champions League our top tips are to understand the importance of line shopping, which we cover on our home page, and to practice good bankroll management. Reading the information on those two pages will help you to make the most money this season even if you’re simply going with guy or betting your favorite team.

To help you get started with Champions League betting there are free plays available at and when you access their website via the links we just provided.

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