Euro Cup Betting – Euro 2016

The 2016 UEFA European Championship will be the 15th to be staged and will be hosted by France from 10th June to 10th July 2016. This site will be your ultimate guide to Euro Cup betting and everything important surrounding the Euro 2016 in France.

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Previous Winners

The tournament was first held in 1960 and won by the Soviet Union. It has been held every four years ever since and has been won by nine different countries. Spain’s successive victories in 2008 and 2012 means that they have now won this tournament on three occasions, the same as Germany. The championship has not been without its share of shocks with Denmark beating Germany in the final in 1992 and Greece winning as 100-1 outsiders in 2004.

Expansion to 24 Teams

UEFA has expanded the finals to be contested by 24 teams from the previous 16. Under this new format, the finalists will contest a group stage consisting of six groups of four teams, followed by a knockout stage including three rounds and the final.

France qualified automatically as the host nation while 53 national teams battled it out for the remaining 23 places. The biggest casualties were the Netherlands, tournament winners in 1988 and World Cup runners-up in 2010. There will be no fairy-tale return for Greece who finished bottom of their group while Scotland were the only one of the Home Nations not to make the finals.

England and Wales will meet for the first time in a major tournament after being drawn together in Group B. Northern Ireland are in Group C where they face world champions and tournament favourites Germany while Republic of Ireland are in Group D alongside Belgium, Sweden and Italy.

Format for Finals

Because of the expansion of the finals tournament to 24 teams, two extra groups were introduced at the group stage and an extra round in the knockout stages. Six groups of four teams will play the initial group stage with the top two from each going through automatically to the knockout stage.

The four best third-ranked sides will also progress, leaving 16 teams going into the round of 16 knockout stage. This means that only eight teams will be eliminated at the group stages before the knockout phase begins.

Euro 2016 Group Draw

GROUP A: France, Switzerland, Romania, Albania
GROUP B: England, Russia, Slovakia, Wales
GROUP C: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Northern Ireland
GROUP D: Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey
GROUP E: Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Republic of Ireland
GROUP F: Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Iceland

Match dates and Live TV coverage

Group A

France v Romania (June 10, St-Denis, ITV)

Albania v Switzerland (June 11, Lens, BBC) 

Romania v Switzerland (June 15, Paris, ITV) 

France v Albania (June 15, Marseille, ITV) 

Romania v Albania (June 19, Lyon, BBC) 

Switzerland v France (June 19, Lille, BBC)

Group B

Wales v Slovakia (June 11, Bordeaux, BBC)

England v Russia (June 11, Marseille, ITV) 

Russia v Slovakia (June 15, Lille, BBC) 

England v Wales (June 16, Lens, BBC) 

Russia v Wales (June 20, Toulouse, ITV) 

Slovakia v England (June 20, St-Etienne, ITV)

Group C

Poland v Northern Ireland (June 12, Nice, BBC) 

Germany v Ukraine (June 12, Lille, BBC)

Ukraine v Northern Ireland (June 16, Lyon, ITV) 

Germany v Poland (June 16, St-Denis, ITV) 

Ukraine v Poland (June 21, Marseille, BBC)

Northern Ireland v Germany (June 21, Paris, BBC)

Group D

Turkey v Croatia (June 12, Paris, ITV)

Spain v Czech Republic (June 13, Toulouse, ITV)

Czech Republic v Croatia (June 17, St-Etienne, BBC)

Spain v Turkey (June 17, Nice, ITV) 

Czech Republic v Turkey (June 21, Lens, ITV)

Croatia v Spain (June 21, Bordeaux, ITV)

Group E

Republic of Ireland v Sweden (June 13, St-Denis, BBC)

Belgium v Italy (June 13, Lyon, BBC)

Italy v Sweden (June 17, Toulouse, ITV)

Belgium v Republic of Ireland (June 18, Bordeaux, ITV)

Italy v Republic of Ireland (June 22, Lille, ITV) 

Sweden v Belgium (June 22, Nice, ITV)

Group F

Austria v Hungary (June 14, Bordeaux, ITV)

Portugal v Iceland (June 14, St-Etienne, BBC)

Iceland v Hungary (June 18, Marseille, BBC)

Portugal v Austria (June 18, Paris, BBC)

Iceland v Austria (June 22, St-Denis, BBC) 

Hungary v Portugal (June 22, Lyon, BBC)

Soccer Betting for Americans

If you’re an American who stumbled across this site and are new to European football, soccer as you call it in the USA, we suggest reading our page Learn Soccer Betting which will give you a great introduction to the sport.

Top Euro 2016 Betting Tips

One of our top tips for betting Euro 2016 is to have accounts at several different online bookmakers. I once heard a well-respected gambling expert say “I know more winning line shoppers than I know winning handicappers”. Perhaps even more important than backing the right team is getting the best odds.

When you’re always betting at the best odds possible you’re winning the most when you win, and losing the least when you lose. That is one of the biggest keys to having a profitable betting season and it doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational bettor or a seasoned pro: to win the most money you need to get the best odds possible.

Best Bookmakers for Football Betting

There are some Euro 2016 betting sites on the net that will advise you to register at 7 or 8 different bookmakers in order to get the best odds. While this might be a good idea for the hard core sports betting professionals, as a recreational bettor it might be tough to keep that many accounts funded, and after all you’re in this for the fun. For that reason we’ll advise you to do the following:

Keep three different online betting accounts funded

#1) Keep an account funded with a top European Bookmaker, we strongly recommend Bet365 or Unibet.

#2) Keep a betting exchange account funded. If you’re not familiar with betting exchanges basically a betting exchange is an online website where members bet against each other rather than the house. The largest betting exchange on the market is Betfair.

#3) Keep an account with an American friendly online bookmaker funded. This is important because Americans often see games differently than Europeans and the American bookmakers adjust odds to cater to their market. You can pick up some great value using an American bookie when doing line shopping. We recommend Bovada or BetOnline.

Now all you need to do is pick a winner. Once you know which side of a match up you want to bet, log into your three funded online betting accounts and see which has the best line. If you follow this system and use proper bankroll management your chances of having a more profitable betting season are greatly increased.

For actual tips on Euro Cup betting, soccer news, bookmaker reviews and other football related content continue navigating our website.

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